Put a timeout on your smartphone.

There is a time and place for technology

"I fear the day when the technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots" Albert Einstein


In this world technology is becoming a larger part of our life day by day. The possibilities of this new technological era are unlimited. But is this what will make us happy? Will this make our lifes complete? We see more and more people getting hung up in their smartphones: trains, meetings, parties, restaurants, everywhere!


We believe there should be a time and place for all technology. Get control back over your life!


We plan to change human interaction completely by bringing the ultimate social app!


Smartphone Timeout is an app that prevents you from using your smartphone. We are planning to give you that important “off-switch”. We want to reduce smartphone usage by 100 to get the most out of your event!


We provide an infrastructure to create/join “Smartphone Timeout Groups” easily. Creating (and joining) a group for your event will not take more than one minute. Once a group is set, the group leader decides when to start the “Smartphone Timeout”


During the “Smartphone Timeout” people will not be able to use their smart phones. The only difference with a normal off-switch is that our app allowes emergencies to come trough (and optional for your event: allowes pictures to be taken). The best of both worlds!


Keep posted ! Planned Go-Live at October 2016 !


Feel free to request any new features!

Address Book Support

Find your friends!

QR-code Integration

Event and group creation could not be easier.


Our app will be free for personal use!



Windows Phone

Our Team

Martin Boer

Picture of Martin Boer

Martin is our expert in web-development and a cool guy to hang out and drink a beer with (we all are!). He wants to help change the trend of technology taking over the social life of more and more people, and protect the new generation (including his little nephews) from turning into technology zombies.

Maarten IJlstra

Picture of Maarten IJlstra

Maarten is working for several years in the field of Data Analytics. His idea of Smartphone TimeOut started during Christmas when the evening existed of smartphone conversations instead of family conversations. He wants to bring the 'personal' back into your personal life!

Patrick van Rietschoten

Picture of Patrick van Rietschoten

Patrick is the one who wants to solve everything! (And probably will.) He's our expert in IT and Android development. As soon as he heard about the app he was sold: Every day he was annoyed when people used their smartphones to be "social" in trains, bars and restaurants while missing out on the good stuff around them!


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Maarten IJlstra